Landlord and Tenants

Our office primarily represents landlords with evictions of tenants. We also assist with reasonable accommodation requests and other Fair Housing Act Issues unique to rental properties. We have extensive experience helping commercial and residential landlords and tenants solve various disagreements.

Landlord / Tentant disputes often include:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Evictions and appropriate notices
  • Security deposits
  • Property damage, maintenance, improvement, and repair
  • Commercial and residential lease preparation or interpretation
  • Subletting
  • Move-outs and walk-throughs
  • Lease Violations
  • Commercial or residential disasters, repairs, mold, insect infestations, burst pipes, electrical problems, structural damage, roof repairs, storm damage, etc.
  • Rent increases


Late or non-payment of rent can result in fees and serious consequences for your property investment. Tenants breaching other provisions of the lease can further result in substantial additional damage.

Landlords can pursue a judgment for eviction, damages, and attorneys fees against the tenant for a tenant’s breach. However, landlords must also follow specific procedures outlined in the Idaho Code to do so including providing the required notice, commencing the appropriate eviction proceedings, and requesting damages at the appropriate time. The Idaho Code provides for expedited proceedings to evict tenants in certain situations, non-payment of rent or reasonable suspicion of drug related activities occurring on the property.


Tenants might have the legal recourse of the landlord attempts to terminate the lease early, improperly charges the tenant, enters the premises without proper notice, fails to provide required maintenance with a reasonable period of time, claims too much of a security deposit, or inappropriately terminates utilities. If discussions, complaints, and confrontations have failed to correct the situation, feel free to contact us.
If you need legal assistance, we can help you make informed decisions and our law firm is dedicated to providing each client a cost-effective and satisfactory legal resolution.

**The information above is general guidance regarding principles of law in Idaho. The foregoing is not intended as legal advice in any particular matter. Because all cases are dynamic and deserve special planning, we encourage you to contact the attorneys at our firm to answer questions regarding your specific case.**


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