Construction and Contracts

A contract is a promise to act or exchange goods or services in exchange for money, goods, or services (“consideration”). The contract may or may not outline the remedy available in the event of a breach. The law may also provide remedies where the contract is silent.

Types of Contracts include:

  • Express – a contract formed by language (oral or written)
  • Implied in Fact – a contract formed by non-verbal conduct, rather than by explicit words.
  • Quasi-Contract or Implied in Law – are not contracts at all. They are created by courts to avoid unjust results by permitting the requesting party to bring an action to recover the amount of the benefit conferred on the other party.

Our law firm handles contract drafting, review, negotiating, interpretation, and litigation for banks, individuals, construction companies, and other businesses throughout eastern Idaho. We handle business-to-business contracts, employment contracts, real estate contracts and others.

We hope to effectively serve your contract needs and take precautions to ensure your rights and interests are protected.


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